Vision and Mission

Work for social, psychological, educational, cultural and economic welfare of poor people, common men, students etc. in the jurisdiction of Athanikkal Mahallu, Pantarangadi, Tirurangadi.


  • Plan and administer charity activities conforming to Indian constitution and laws.
  • This organization will extend its assistance neither for the marriages demanding dowry nor those which present more than 160 gm.
  • Hand financial support for the treatment, medicines and food of poor suffering from cancer, paralysis, old age, kidney failures etc.
  • Administer the funeral of homeless and needy.
  • Construct new homes for homeless.
  • Distribute food and medicine for poor people
  • Conduct health awareness, drug abuse awareness etc.

Chairman’s Message

PKS Tangal Chairman, JSS

According to great Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, you cannot be a muslim if you eat well when your neighbor starves. It means a muslim is not allowed to live in luxury ignoring the pains of other fellow beings.

It was to support and uplift the poor and commons in the Mahallu, Jamiyyathu Shubbani SSunniyyeen was formed, in December 2014. I proudly remember, during this tenure, the organization could help 14 poor girls to smile with gratitude after they fulfilled their dream of marriage. Our services reached many bed ridden, hungry and homeless. About 20 lakhs were spent on various charity activities. Out of this, about 13 lakhs for the marriage of girls who were stranded with out getting married just for the reason of poverty. 1 lakh was given for the medication and hospital expenses, 2 lakhs for construction of houses and 200,000 for paying off the debts.

JSS always considered not harm the pride of people who are being helped. So, we do not publish the photos of receiving financial assistance. Because it may cause pain to them.We have miles to go. There are still many people who are waiting out there for our kind consideration. It is our duty to walk to them and wipe off their tears. I request to you join us in this great endeavor with all prayers and support.

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3rd Anniversary Celebrations and Office Inauguration
3rd Anniversary Celebrations and Office Inauguration
Ifthar Feast and Youth Meet
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